Your legs, moreover your hips, are the engine of an efficient and powerful golf swing.

Every golf fitness client I see has some kind of issue with some part of their hips and/or the surrounding complex.

New golfers often hang back on their trail leg and don’t get through the ball all the way onto their lead side.  This puts tremendous stress on the trail hip, glutes, abb and adductors, quadra lombridus and lower back.  This, in turn, hurts your ability to get on your lead side and exacerbates the problem.

Longer-term and/or better golfers tend to get on their lead side.  They’ve been doing this for 20+ years, so there is some wear and tear on that lead hip complex. I often hear them say it's tolerable for 10-12 ish holes, then really bugs them from then on in. Definitely hampers their swing and a strong finish to the round.

I have solutions for you. 

I will screen your hips and body parts both for range and quality of movement.  With this knowledge, I can strategically program exercises to make your hip complex more mobile, much stronger and less painful.

The end result of this is a more efficient and powerful golf swing that you can perform pain-free for years to come.

Your body is the most important part of your golf swing.  Take care of it accordingly.

Let's talk about this.  You can reach me, Chris Saini, at


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