For us, it’s about giving you a lifetime of fitness experiences

We started Madlab in 2004 (the same year Facebook launched. Yes, that long ago!) as a small personal training service with the mission of making people’s day-to-day life a fitter experience.

Committing to something is hard. We know that.

We help people deeply understand and accept that there is no quick fix. There’s power in knowing that because now we can play the long game.

We have honest conversations and set realistic expectations, working towards small, achievable goals as the first step to developing lifelong healthy habits.

The four pillars of
the Madlab Method


Every member at Madlab has a coach, a true north star, if you will. Someone to keep them on track, help them progress and navigate the other 23 hours in a day. Nothing is off-limits: Nutrition, sleep and stress all need to be managed along with exercise and recovery to ensure your body is working to its desired potential.



Madlab is a place where the ego gets left at the door; it is a judgement free zone.

The community of Madlab is made of people looking for the same thing; A healthier and more vital life. We love when people support each other’s aspirations in and outside the world of fitness and health. Every single member at Madlab wants to see one another succeed.

What Madlab is not is just as important as what it is. Madlab is not a place where you will be compared to others or judged based on how you look. A person is never asked but encouraged. Clients are not numbers, they are names and faces.



We educate people as to what they need and why. Our programming is designed to be progressive rather than regressive. It’s not about what you can’t do, but about what you can do.

Movement patterns like squatting, bending, pulling and pushing are all common movements in daily life. We need to ensure those movement patterns are being challenged and practiced simultaneously.

We also believe it’s important to understand the why. Why you are doing something is perhaps even more critical than how you are doing it. If a movement or concept in the programming doesn’t support what you want to accomplish it’s important we adjust and tailor it so that it does.



At the end of day, committing to something and sticking to it is the hardest part of anything. Whether that is school, a new relationship or health and fitness. 

Our coaches will keep you coming and will keep you committed to the process. Yes, you will ebb and flow as time goes on but our professional coaching staff know how to help you navigate the struggles that may come as time ticks away.


Our People

Tom Sarosi
Director - Head Coach


Trevor Lindwall

Instructor Coach


Chris Saini

Instructor Coach

Andrew Swartz
Instructor Coach


Emily Beers
Instructor Coach


Caron Adderley
Associate Coach


Ben Fransblow
Apprentice Coach

Kelly Hansen

Education and
Administrative Assistant

Wait… this is a real school? Yes!

Madlab School of Fitness is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (PTIB). We develop coaches to be on par with experts in comparative fields like kinesiology, physiotherapy and chiropractic. Our Coaches Apprenticeship is an intensive program that teaches coaches not just about the body, but about the people that inhabit it, so they can work with people to help them be their best. 

To accomplish our mission of making people fitter for life, we also had to professionalize the fitness coach. Why? Because a highly educated, well-trained and experienced coach who’s training people as a career, not a hobby, has a much greater chance of helping people make a real change.

Madlab School of Fitness

Open 7 days

1980 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 0A9, Canada

+1 604-253-1261