Sometimes mobility training is just about creating more space.

Space is the “area” that is en-capsulated. It is located within the borders of the connective tissue covering of two bony surfaces that articulate. This is where the synovial fluid, cartilage, nutritional aspects of the joint all exist." (Dr. Michael Chivers)

I know it’s a mouthful but stay with me. 

How much space you have at a given joint is dependent on your behaviour over the years. Your training and the billion of other activities throughout your life have created whatever space you have in your joint right now. Your continued habits will determine how much space you have in the future. 

The less space a joint has, the fewer options it has to move around. You literally run out of room to move. That means you’re going to do things the same way, stress the same tissues, over and over. 

That’s going to work right up until it doesn’t. Progress might stagnate, or at worst, you get injured. This is the biological law of accommodation. All because your joints and tissues got tired of doing the same thing. Yes, this can even happen at the gym, which is supposed to be helping you with all that life stuff.

Here’s where training your mobility shines. We use repeated, high-effort directional inputs: active rotational movements like CARs, base stretch positions, and expansive breathing. These all work towards increasing the space you have at the joint. It increases joint “square footage” through continued training inputs over the weeks, months, and years. 

As you create more space, you have more ways to train patterns in the gym and activities in life. More space means more ways of working. Just being able to sit in a different position goes a long way. 

It’s easier to move around when you’re not working with a studio apartment for a shoulder.

- Coach Chesty


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