Training is about connecting what you do in the gym to your broader aspirations, making the path you tread inside the gym an integral part of training for life. A coach needs to understand that their role goes beyond prescribing exercises; they're here to help you bridge the gap between your fitness routines and your real-life objectives.

Seeing Beyond the Reps and Sets

It's easy to get lost in the minutiae of reps, sets, and exercise variations. While these are key components of your training program, they are also tools to help you achieve something much larger – a healthier, more capable, and more fulfilling life. Consider the example of the movement patterns we use: squatting, hinging, pushing, and pulling. These actions form the foundation of our program, but they are merely options for pursuing the physical capacity we need in our lives. Ideally, these options enable you to navigate daily activities with ease and confidence.


Take the squat, for example. It's a movement to strengthen your legs; it's also about developing the lower-body capacity you need to spring into action when life demands it. Whether it's chasing your dog in the park or leaping off the loveseat to catch your toddler, it can translate to real-world needs. Your coach doesn't just teach you how to squat; they guide you in building the resilience and strength necessary to conquer both the expected and unexpected challenges.


Hinging, another movement pattern, works your posterior chain muscles (things like your hamstrings and glutes). It's also about having the capacity to bend over, lift, and carry without fear. Your coach is here to ensure that your hip hinge becomes more than just a gym exercise – it's new way to move confidently throughout your day.

Pushing and Pulling

Pushing and pulling exercises support your arm and shoulder muscles; they directly relate to tasks such as pulling weeds out of your garden or placing your luggage into an overhead compartment. Pushing and pulling in various directions can help support your ability to reach for things in your environment and bring them to you. Your coach understands that you might prefer not to depend on assistance for such tasks.

The Coach's Unique Perspective

Madlab's coaches understand that their role is not just about assigning you exercises; it's about translating those exercises into the context of your life. These are the meaningful moments, and our coaches strive to connect your gym efforts to them. Some of these connections are obvious, while others require self-reflection or further dialogue with your coach. Your goals serve as the driving force behind your workouts. Your coach assigns exercise variations that match your current physical capabilities, serving as the subsequent actionable steps.

Every squat, hinge, push, and pull is an actionable step towards achieving that goal. If a movement or concept in the program doesn’t align with your objectives, it's crucial that we adapt and customize it accordingly. Your coach’s role is to be your guide; together, you will make the next move.


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