1. Don’t Break A Hip

The National Osteoporosis Foundation says bone density loss generally happens to both men and women in mid-life. For a woman, it often speeds up during menopause, as her estrogen levels drop, and by the time she’s 65 years old, if she has experienced a fracture in her hip, she’s five times more likely to die within a year. Strength training helps prevent this bone density loss and might even help build new bone. 

2. Keep The Passion Alive

In short, strength training keeps testosterone levels higher, both in men and women. It can even increase testosterone levels, so certainly an incentive for men who have felt themselves decline in that regard.  

3. Metabolism On Fire!

Remember when you were a kid, and you could eat anything you wanted and not gain a pound? While you might not be able to get your childlike metabolism back, there is evidence that strength training helps your body’s metabolic processes, which essentially means it keeps your body running more effectively. A more efficient body means fighting off things like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. In fact, research suggests an improvement in insulin sensitivity and glycemic control after people start weight training, two critical components in avoiding becoming a Type 2 diabetic.

4. Lift That Couch At 75!

One of the worst parts of ageing seems to be losing the ability to do things you used to be able to do, like carrying groceries up five flights of stairs or moving a couch so you can vacuum underneath it. In short, we want you to stay independent as long as possible, and being strong is one of the key components. 

 5. A Happier Life

There’s even research that suggests strength training helps with depression, tranquillity, positive engagement and overall mood in adults and older adults. 

6. Live Without Pain

Many people just accept that ageing comes with weird aches and pains, and often chronic pain. Improving your strength also goes a long way in helping with things like lower back pain and arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

7. Look Better, Feel Better

Real simple: A more efficient body, strong body with more lean muscle mass just feels better. Look good, feel good! Even at 70, and that’s our hope for you.


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