1: Vaccination

- All students, contractors and anyone entering Madlab School of Fitness shall show proof of double vaccination via the province of BC's vaccine passport or equivalent. 

2: Attendance

- All attendances are by appointment only.
- All appointments are made remotely online.
- Anyone attending Madlab School of Fitness must be registered with Madlab School of Fitness. Madlab is not open to the public. 

3: Gathering and Events

- Students who are sick, have developed any symptoms of COVID-19, who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or who have been out of the country within the past 14 days are not permitted to enter the premises.
- Students are encouraged to complete a self-assessment before arriving on campus. https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en
- Instructors are required to complete a self-assessment upon arrival to campus.

4: Administrative Measures

- Students are spaced and distanced by a minimum of two meters and must wear a mask whenever that is not possible, although not recommended or required by the BCCDC. 
- Capacity is limited to 33% of max capacity, although not recommended or required by the BCCDC. 

4: Personal Measures

- Students and staff will stay home when sick.
- Students and staff will get tested when they display symptoms of COVID-19.
- Students and staff will continue to practice clean hand hygiene and use appropriate cleaning stations. 

5: Clients - Layers of Protection - Masks

- As per PHO Order on Face Coverings, masks must be worn at all times in exercise facilities except when exercising.
- All instructors/personal trainers must wear a mask at all times except when exercising
- Masks are recommended while exercising for all patrons and instructors

6: Clients - Layers of Protection - Ventilation

- To ensure a safe training space, we will be actively monitoring the CO2 monitor hanging at the north end of the facility to ensure we remain below the mark of 700ppm - entry doors, bay doors and windows will be opened as needed to provide fresh air and increased ventilation. 






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