It starts with your coach, someone dedicated to your continued development.

Having someone listen, like really listen, is where coaching begins. Communicating value starts with understanding what you value. You can detail your experience, something only you can truly know. They can simplify the science and practice of training, a simplification that comes from years of navigating the complexity. You would hope it's clear sailing after starting a training program, unfortunately life has a way of making things interesting. I'm sure you have had "stop and start" moments building a new habit. Like any healthy relationship, it requires continued dialogue to work through the ebbs and flows. Having someone willing to stay the course can make all the difference, a constant in a world of ongoing changes. Together you can craft a path forward. 

It continues with a plan, because every step has a purpose.

Personal training has the goal of developing body autonomy. The dialogue between you and your coach nurtures the dialogue between you and your body. In fact, successful coaching leads to you attaining the skills to take care of yourself. You don't have to understand exercise selection, load, volume, or intensity to see progress, but learning more about it could give you that edge. You will graduate with training principles that help you navigate new challenges. Classes will offer an environment to practice that understanding; 6-week training cycles provide structure for strength and aerobic development, with enough variety to keep things from getting stale. The coach then acts as a shepard, filling in the blanks and ensuring you stay on track. Together you will review the completed cycle and prepare for the next.

It’s maintained within a community, through a shared experience.

Community is a result of joining something bigger than yourself. It is a co-op of coaches dedicated to your experience and a group of individuals, just like you. A cast of educators, doctors, parents, artists, and business owners with a shared purpose to invest in a place where everyone thrives and feels valued. Events add a social connection that you can't get anywhere else: Town Hall Meeting and Community Awards, Beach Day, and the Wall of Respect Induction Ceremony. A reservation might hold your spot in a class, but you’ll have more than enough reasons to show up. 

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