I train what I’m learning and what I’m instructing. If you unpack that message, there’s probably something deep worth noting, but it’s literally how I train. It’s not perfect, but it serves my body, lifestyle, and community.

I bought a course the other week. This one has a lot of breathing in different positions. This keeps me engaged as I’m learning new stuff, I get the benefits of breathwork, and I get abs. As a coach, there will always be a reason to continue education, but I honestly like knowing this stuff for my own interest. It gives me control of my learning process and understanding of my own body, and that’s important to me. It’s like when the airplane oxygen masks drop down, me first, then you.

Whatever my clients are doing, I’m doing, it’s unavoidable, so I lean into it. If the community strength and conditioning cycles say we’re deadlifting/hinging, then that’s what I’ll do. It could be the same rep scheme, an alternative variation, or a way to prepare for it, but I’m creating some sort of connection. In every group or personal training session, I’m guiding people through something. This makes it impossible not to practice what you preach. I like that it creates some structure for me to follow while providing a shared experience with clients.

My training makes me feel a little bit more prepared than I have to be, but with room to improve. I could spend more time training with others and trying new things. I find it has a nice balance of comfort and drive.

- Coach Chesty


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