Before I found Madlab School of Fitness I was a gym hopper.

I would join a gym, sign up for a year, take the 2 free personal training sessions and work the program for a few weeks until I got bored.

I didn’t know what to do next, nobody was there to care if I showed up or not, I didn’t feel like I was making any progress or getting stronger or fitter.

I would hide out in the women’s only section, not because I didn’t want to be around men, but because I was so concerned with looking stupid or making a fool of myself because I had no idea what I was doing.  

So, I hid myself away where I felt way less judged by my sisters who I assumed felt the same way.  Where we could all plod away on the elliptical machine in safety from the judgement of others. 

Eventually, I would stop going.

Sound familiar?

What if you had a gym where you had your own coach, a plan, clear progressions and ways to measure that progress and someone who cares if you show up?  

What if you had a coach to teach you how to move in ways that were right for you and your body. 

Add some friends, a community, and fun and this is why we have people who stay here for years.  

If you are ready to commit to something real, something that will make an actual difference in your health, reach out and get started today. 

- Coach Caron



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