Virtually all of the work that we include in our programming at Madlab can be nested under three overarching themes:


Each one of these themes serves a different function in our programming. 

The focus of a competency-biased task is often how well that task is performed.

This type of work intends to improve on qualities like:

- Skill development
- Body positioning, alignment, and range of motion
- Rhythm and coordination

Compared to output-focused tasks, competency work is often performed with a lower load or partial ROM to achieve a higher level of precision.

Compared to capacity-focused work, competency-biased tasks are accomplished with fewer reps and longer rest to minimize fatigue, with the aim of keeping the quality of work high.  

The focus of capacity-biased work is often how many reps get done, the duration of work time, or how much volume can be accumulated.

The intent of this type of work is to improve qualities like:

- Stamina
- Localized muscular endurance
- Toughness/resiliency

Compared to competency-focused tasks, capacity work is often performed with less complicated movements (relatively). Straight forward movements allow for less demand to be precise, which means less degradation of technique (relatively) as fatigue accumulates.

Compared to output-focused work, capacity-biased tasks are accomplished with a lighter load and less rest, with the aim of keeping the quantity of work high.

The focus of output-biased work is often how heavy, how fast, or how far.

The intent of this type of work is to improve qualities like:

- Strength
- Power
- Speed

Compared to capacity-focused work, output-biased tasks are achieved with fewer reps and lower total volume, with the aim of keeping the loads/velocities high.

Compared to competency-focused tasks, output work is performed with less thought to finding and feeling the right muscular contractions and more of a commitment to moving with maximum intent.

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