It goes without saying that reaching your training goals will involve a lot of sweat equity on the gym floor.

Progress also requires a heavy helping of mental discipline.

At some stage, everyone will wrestle with these three challenges:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Impatience
  3. Boredom

It's easy to put things off.

  • Overcoming inertia is always difficult.
  • There's never a perfect time to start as there will always be demands on your time, energy, and focus.
  • But nothing happens if you don't start.
  • Get started now. Take the plunge.

It's easy to get impatient. 

  • Adaptation (making difficult things easier) can't be rushed.
  • Skipping foundational progressions will hamstring your progress and slow you down in the long run.
  • You have to put the work in. 
  • You have to put the time in.
  • Take the next logical step.

It's easy to get bored.

  • Foundational movements/skills require a lot of attention. More than most beginners/intermediates want to give them.
  • In an era of short attention spans, this is a hard sell.
  • We often overvalue new or flashy or complicated exercises because they may be mentally stimulating. 
  • We also tend to undervalue the basic and straightforward movements, even if they provide a massive return on investment.
  • If you struggle with this, it may be helpful to remember that 'the boring stuff' is your foundation.
  • And no one outgrows the fundamentals.
    Experts have spent more time refining the basics than intermediates... that's what makes them experts.
  • Fall in love with the basics.

Progress requires discipline.

- Coach Andy

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