Many things have changed at Madlab over the years, but one tradition we aim to keep is the honorary dude award.

What is the Dude Award?

The Dude Award acknowledges someone who works hard, plays hard and takes no bullsh!t from anyone.

They are honest to the core and have integrity in everything they do.

Past winners of the dude award include Sheppy, Wendy, Audrey and Darcy.

It's important to note that The Dude Award knows nothing of gender or race. It knows nothing of sexual orientation or status.

It only knows grit, hard work, joy and triumph.


The award was created to honour our friend and comrade Andy Nutts by selecting a member of the community who most exemplifies his strength of character.⁠

Andy was open-hearted and a giving person, always helping others, always staying late to clean up, paint or help a newbie with a difficult new skill.⁠

Having said that, Andy was not a "nice" person in the way that people are often labelled "nice." He was a strong dude and spoke his mind when something didn’t sit right with him.⁠

He was often in trouble, especially in his first year in the military (he got in trouble for speaking out).⁠

He was also cool as hell and funny! He would take one for the team, stick up for you, stay up all night at a party, then bike to work in the rain to teach the 6 am class.⁠


We want the community of Madlab to vote on this person.

So vote Below!

The top three nominees will be shared, and we have a final vote for the winner starting August 15th.

The Dude winner will be announced Saturday, August 21st, at our annual Beach Day party!


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