Slant Boards are a multifaceted tool to improve all kinds of lower-body ailments, restrictions, and weaknesses.

Remember, it’s not a replacement for squatting on a flat surface, but it can supplement your squat training by allowing some stress to be taken off the back while still building strength throughout your legs and into your hips. It can also allow a greater range of motion on many of your squat variations.  

I’ve been through a lot of inflammation and tendonitis over the years and taking advantage of the options that the various slopes on the slant boards give, and I can easily conclude it’s a great training tool. My goal is always to have the mobility of a full knee bend without pain. This also includes working through the ankle and into the foot. So a bunch of carry-over exercises like touchdowns and calf raises on boards like this also increase strength and resiliency of the arch, gastroc, soleus, and achilles complex. 

So again, slant boards are one of the tools to utilize. Getting a wide variety of athletes into a full knee bend and a deep squat safely is key. Slant boards are a scale-down exercise that can be made pain-free. This pain-free ability ensures great hip, knee and ankle flexibility while we strengthen and build muscles throughout the lower body. I really like to see movements that regress down easily and capture a big range of motion.

There is something to be said about quality movement over just trying to get some reps done. Congratulate the folks using the slant boards as they work to achieve more optimal positions and range of motion along their training journey. Let’s continue to build muscle, maintain joint health, and increase functional range while we condition our bodies for the next 10,20,30 years.

- Coach TBear


Madlab – Friday morning 2021

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