Emile Maxwell Connaughton "Chesty"

Social Media Manager

In 2007, Emile fell three stories off a ladder working as a commercial painter. His award was a crushed vertebra in his lumbar spine. The following six months were a slow and unknowing experience.

“I always knew the powerful influence movement has on the body, and sometimes passion is sparked through the removal of such a thing from your life.”

After recovering and learning about movement and the many ways the body can adapt and function, Emile began pursuing coaching as a career. 

“I've dedicated every day since my injury to the acquisition of mobility. I now love sharing that skill set with anyone willing to learn, or learning from anyone willing to share.”

Emile believes that we are not slaves to our genetics; he knows that we all can be strong and flexible. There are non-negotiable biological limits to our adaptation. Still, through progressive techniques and a well-trained mindset, he knows we can all become emotionally stable, physically strong, and spiritually sound.

“I specialize in training for mobility. It starts with training the bodily equipment, training the use of this equipment, and then grooving the neurological demands of whatever you want to do from there.”

“Life is movement. Let’s move better.”


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