Craig Patterson "Patty"


In 2004 after leaving engineering and corporate life to become a fitness trainer, Patty founded what is now Madlab School of Fitness and his life has been transformed by the community he serves today.

After spending countless hours and endless days with clients creating a community like no other Patty began to shift his focus from coaching to mentorship in 2011. The ultimate goal for Patty is to professionalize the fitness industry. 

“Our business model is designed to give opportunity to those who are bright and passionate about helping others and making a difference in the community, but above all, it elevates those who display courage and character in the face of the realities of the free market.”

Today, Patty’s coaches are living the vision that Patty laid out for them when he opened Madlab School of Fitness in 2004. 

Patty's mission was to create a system that is different than what is traditionally found in the fitness industry. He quickly realized the norm in the industry sees an average employee work as a personal trainer for three to five years, then quit to find a “real” career because they either don’t make enough money to ever afford a home and raise a family, or they become burnt out from a demanding schedule.

“We have been working to change the current norm. Our school’s system is set up to train and mentor apprentices, so the knowledge they gain is passed to the next generation of coaches. We are also working with other facilities from around the world, building a system and figuring out larger patterns across the industry in order to keep people motivated and keep them fit for their entire life. This continuity is the key to building excellence across the industry.”

Patty is incredibly proud of what Madlab has accomplished so far, and it is just the beginning.

“My role is to constantly find ways to improve our product and provide opportunity for others in the fitness industry so we can transform the communities we serve into fit, healthy, and happy places to live.”






Madlab School of Fitness

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