March 29th, 2021


1: Attendance

– All attendances are by appointment only.

– All appointments are made remotely online.

2: Arriving Safely on Campus

– Students who are sick, have developed any symptoms of COVID-19, who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or who have been out of the country within the past 14 days are not permitted to enter the premises.

– Students are encouraged to complete a self-assessment before arriving on campus.

– Coaches are required to complete a self-assessment upon arrival to campus.

– Students are only permitted to enter the facility 5 minutes before the arrival of the start of their appointment.

– Students are asked to wait outside of the North bay doors until 5 minutes before the start of their appointment.
– Entering the building before then will not be allowed.

– We encourage students to wait under the overhang or in their cars until 5 minutes before their specific start time.

– Upon arrival, students will use one of the five hand sanitizers in the facility. 

– Instructors will direct students to their private socially distanced section.

– Students are to keep all personal belongings with them. Leaving personal items in the changeroom is prohibited.

– Once in their private section, they will have access to fresh, clean towels along with an alcohol-based cleaner to use to clean and sanitize all equipment in their zone.

3: During Appointments

– Instructors will guide and direct students of Madlab School of Fitness.

– The staff sets up-Equipment before the arrival of students. 

– Students will use their personal mobile devices when following their programming.

– Navigating the facility floor is limited. If students need to set up equipment during an appointment, they will be limited to the instructor’s discretion.

– Arrows are taped 12 feet apart on the facility floor to ensure distancing exists when navigating the workout floor. 

– Instructors and students do not travel between the private zones as they use the facility’s perimeter to get from point A to point B.

– Instructors wear a mask when navigating the facility.

– Masks are mandatory for students.

– Music is less than 80 decibels at the location of the mixer.

– Access to the washrooms will be limited to one user at a time and monitored closely to ensure social distancing measures are practiced.

– Washroom doors are to be locked when in use to ensure they remain single use only.

– Liquid hand soap is used after each washroom visit.

– Hand dryers are not to be used as paper towels have been provided.

– The use of showers is prohibited.

– Upon completion of an appointment, students will take the time to clean and sanitize all equipment.

4: Departing from Campus

– Students will have until 5 minutes after completing their appointment to clean and tidy up their private training zone.

– If the south bay doors are closed, they will be opened and used as the facility’s exit.

– Once off the premises, clients are still encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing protocols.

  1. Zones

– Zones are taped and labelled on the facility floor.

– Zones are distanced by 2 meters.

– Each private zone is a minimum of 105 square feet in size (14’x7’6”)

– The private zones account for less than 35% of the entire facility floor. 

– The size of the facility is 10,000 square feet

  1. Cleaning Procedures

– Students have access to their spray bottle with an alcohol-based cleaner.

– Students have access to their fresh, clean towels to be used to clean and disinfect their zones’ equipment.

– Students are to clean and disinfectant upon completion of using any equipment.

– Staff have daily duties regarding cleaning, sanitizing and ensuring cleaning products are available to the students.

– Used towel bins are marked.

– All hand towels are professionally washed at a local laundromat.

– Dirty towels are handled by staff members only.

– Students are encouraged to bring their equipment when possible.

– Washrooms and common spaces are cleaned daily by staff and by professionals three times per week.

  1. Facility Capacity

– Strict scheduling has been created to ensure the facility is at less than 50% capacity at all times.
– Appointments are spaced out by 15 minutes to allow for minimal student overlap.
– Staff members are split into evening and morning shifts, and overlap is minimal.
– Signage is posted on all washroom doors reminding of physical distancing measures.
– Outdoor space is available for training if needed.

  1. Social Distancing Procedures

– All zones are marked and stocked with equipment needed.
– All zones are distanced based on the guidelines of The Provincial Health Office.
– Any equipment that can not be used safely or while distancing has been removed from use.
– Sharing of equipment is prohibited.
– Instructors will remain outside of all training zones.
– All staff members will take breaks in designated break zones or off-site.
– All staff meetings are distanced and in a well-ventilated space.
– The option to take part in online staff meetings is presented.
– Physical contact between students and staff is to be zero.

9. Ventilation and Air Flow

– North bay doors and south bay doors (12’x14’) will be completely open at all times.

10. Contact Tracing and Monitoring

– All appointments are tracked and monitored digitally through our student management system.
– All staff members complete a daily COVID checklist before arriving on site.
– All information and updates are shared in a timely fashion with all students.
– Relevant information is shared publicly via social media platforms.

11. Handling and Billing

– All handling of money is done online.
– All services are prepaid.

12. Staff and Student Sickness

– Any staff or student with symptoms of COVID-19 are not to enter the facility
– If symptoms develop while on-site, a staff member will be direct them to go home and use the BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool.
– Any surfaces touched or used by a staff member or student who develops symptoms will be cleaned immediately.
– A sick leave and coverage policy has been implemented in the scenario coverage is needed for a sick staff member.

  1. Remote Learning

– The use of remote learning is available.
– Remote learning is offered via our online education courses and our online individual programming.

  1. Food Service/Housing and Student Residences/Retail/Pubs/Museums/Medical Clinics/Performing Arts

– Does not apply.

  1. International Students

– Offering the use of remote learning through our online courses.
– In-person training for international students is currently paused.

  1. Libraries

– Students have access to our syllabus with hard copies and digitally through our online courses.

  1. Outdoor Campus Space

– Leisure use of common outdoor spaces is off-limits to students and staff.

  1. Reporting

Students or staff can report any issues to